• Data Copy Management (TDM)
    Data Copy Management (TDM)
    Data Copy Management (TDM)

Data Copy Management (TDM)

Module Introduction

Data copy management also named test data copy management (TDM) is the third ADM function module, which is true CDM product. Its core technology is database virtualization technology. The database virtualization technology is used to quickly generate multiple virtual databases (vDB) from the original database copy (golden image). By generating test data copies TDM meets the rapid supply of test data for development test scenarios.

Function Features

● Core Patent Technology ----Database Virtualization Technology Based on CDM

100x increase in data delivery efficiency Database virtualization technology (Patent No. ZL201610182044.X) can pull a virtual database with only one golden image in minute-level faced to the TB-level database. TDM has fast response speed, which can meet the requirements of data delivery efficiency in development and testing, query analysis, compliance audit, disaster recovery and other scenarios.  10x increase in work efficiency The technology can make the reading and writing operation between multiple vDBs  independent, which meets the requirements of multi-scenario synchronous testing in the testing environment. It can take snapshots in real time or on time, and retain the data version. Through the flexible data version management, it meets the regression test and other business scenarios.  3x save in golden image storage capacity ADM compression storage pool, compression ratio up to 3:1, significantly reduce the storage cost of basic data and the continuous data copies.





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