• Operation Control and Audit (OMA)
    Operation Control and Audit (OMA)

Operation Control and Audit (OMA)

Module Introduction

SiCAP-SiCAP-Operation Control and Audit (OMA) from the multi-dimensional, fine-grained resource authorization mechanism, the whole process of operation recording and control, a full range of operation auditing to the whole operation process of video playback, to achieve the operation process of the " prevention beforehand, control during the incident, audit after the incident ", and support SSO single sign-on and a variety of operation tools, simplify operations and improve work efficiency at the same time, comprehensively solve the problem of operation security, and effectively improve the level of enterprise IT operation management.

Feature Introduction

  • User Identity Unified Management
    Centralized account management and unified authentication; Multiple authentication methods, two-factor authentication, hybrid authentication; Provide role customization and single sign-on.
  • Asset Information Unified management
    Automatic asset discovery and identification; Unified management of the whole life cycle of assets; Support for rich asset types and protocols.
  • Multi-dimensional, Fine-grained Authority Control
    On-demand fine-grained authorization based on the principle of least privilege for authorization;Flexible access control policies; Dynamic authorization based on authorization lists; Temporary work order authorization; Privilege request lists and access limitations; Highly secure two-person collaboration and review;
  • Automated Management
    Automatic auditing of asset accounts; Automatic password change and automatic password verification for asset accounts; Account password security policy customization; Operation script batch automatic execution.
  • Multiple Operation Methods
    Client-side Operation Clientless Operation Direct Connect Operation OP Operation
  •  Conversational Operations Entire Process Control and Audit
    Operation process real-time control, real-time alarm, real-time blocking; Comprehensive fine-grained audit trail; Operation process session playback; Full process video and video playback; Flexible retrieval of audit records and multi-dimensional statistics; Intelligent audit assisted decision-making.
  • Total Security Control
    Ability to detect and analyze account risks; User abnormal access behavior identification and control. Anti-bypass behavior auditing.

Module Characterization

Behavioral auditing for comprehensive operations

Real-time and accurate violation blocking

Secure and efficient two-person collaboration

Highly secure password synchronization

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Typical Case

● Well-known branches of the five major state-owned banks

Along with the pace of financial electronic management, and bank IT assets increase year by year, the current operation process of manual operation and human supervision of the security risks brought about by the increasing, the old means can not adapt to the modernization of IT management requirements, and the "The Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China " also requires enterprises to strengthen the operation of the security management aspects of the construction. Therefore, based on the current situation, the customer urgently needs to build a unified operation management platform to meet its daily management needs and comply with the new national policies and regulations. Combining the customer's environment and needs, Suninfo provides users with the Operation Control and Audit (Abbreviation:OMA) of the InforCube Security intelligent CA Platform (Abbreviation:SiCAP) to provide an overall solution for OMA, which opens up the links of operation personnel, assets, processes and data to form a three-in-one platform of operation, security, and data,from multi-dimensional, fine-grained resource authorization mechanism, the whole process of operation records and control, all-round operation audit to the whole operation process video playback, realize the operation and maintenance process of "prevention beforehand, control during the incident, audit after the incident", and support SSO single sign-on and a variety of operation tools; at the same time with the process management system for the depth of the integration, the formation of the "incident problems - work order process - operation processing - audit report" closed-loop operation specification, which helps customers to build a visible, controllable, automatic, safe and intelligent IT operation security management platform.




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