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Shangxun Information Security Alliance

Collaboration is the value of the future, cooperation is the structure of the future, and symbiosis and win-win are the foundation of our development. Shangxun Information Security Alliance is willing to grow together with you and share profits.

Shangxun Information Channel establishes a security alliance, with cooperation divided into alliance platinum, alliance gold, alliance silver, and alliance certification, adopting a project-based alliance distribution model centered on gold medals. Ensure the profits of partners through a flat cooperation model. At the same time, there is no hierarchical relationship between platinum, gold, and silver medals in the league. In the new tight ecosystem of the cybersecurity industry, the Shangxun Information Security Alliance has its own InforCube product line and numerous international frontline cooperation products, ensuring a 100% commitment to channel oriented sales and objective product profits. The alliance recruits 5 Platinum Alliance partners and 50 Gold Alliance partners, with a total investment of 50 million credit lines. And it is jointly supported by 19 offices across the country to target 100000 potential customers.

Partner Value

(1) 100% of the products shipped from the alliance and included in the alliance partner program are all provided to customers through certified partners. Shangxun Information does not provide direct sales for such products.
(2) High rebate support
(3) High long-term credit limit support
(4) Transparent public credit reporting system
(5) Perfect training support

  • Training methods

    Irregular remote technical training

    Regular on-site technical training

  • Teachers

    Certified engineer with rich experience in product line implementation

    Certified Engineer with Rich Product Line Sales Experience

  • Interest

    Help alliance engineers have a deep understanding of the product

    Help alliance engineers understand the market value of products

    Assist alliance engineers in recommending alliance products to potential customers

(6) Powerful market activity support
(7) Powerful platform support

  • Ways to obtain support

    400 Free Technical Support Phone:400 682 1599

    Technical support email:support@suninfo.com

    Document Center (Knowledge Base)

  • Ways to obtain support

    The product spare parts warehouse centered around Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou can provide 5 * 8 or 7 * 24 services as needed

  • Supervision of after-sales service quality

    Set up a dedicated customer service specialist to regularly investigate the service quality of users and improve customer satisfaction

Cooperation application process

(1) Submit application

Partners can submit applications online through the Shangxun Information website, and Shangxun Information will contact you within five working days.

(2) Evaluation by both parties

After submitting the application and preliminary communication with the manager of the Information Channel Department of Shangxun, the evaluation stage for both parties will begin. At this stage, Shangxun Information recommends partners to focus on examining the competitiveness and development potential of Shangxun Information products. Partners can send personnel to the headquarters of Shangxun Information for face-to-face communication.

(3) Sign Agreement

Provide a detailed description and agreement on the details of the cooperation

(4) Training

Partners can apply for remote training

(5) Authorization and authentication

Obtain authorization from Shangxun Information partners through evaluation and conduct marketing activities within the authorized area




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