• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Through device asset management, device security control, and device compliance detection, combined with flexible policy configuration, fine-grained control measures, and various remote control commands, the PLM control of mobile devices from deployment, installation, registration and use to elimination and recycling is achieved, ensuring the safe and efficient development of enterprise mobile business.

  • Device secure access
    Using multifactor authentication, such as passwords, gestures, and fingerprints, to verify user identity and bind devices, collect device information to generate device fingerprints, and ensure legal access to mobile devices through fingerprint comparison.
  • Equipment asset management
    Comprehensively collect software and hardware asset information of equipment, such as manufacturer, model, IMEI, IMSI, SIM card number, and installation application list, to form a unified ledger for equipment assets and carry out unified management of equipment assets.
  • Device security control
    Provide device security configuration, such as WIFI configuration and password complexity settings; Device peripheral control, such as Bluetooth and camera disabling; Equipment remote control, such as equipment locking, erasing data and Factory reset; Device compliance detection and violation response, such as illegal connection to the Internet, abnormal network traffic, and installation of illegal applications, ensure the security and controllability of mobile devices through a variety of control measures.
  • Threat security monitoring
    Provides real-time security monitoring of device operating environment, illegal operation behavior, and threat attack behavior, such as device jailbreaking, simulator operation, domain hijacking, illegal debugging, and injection attacks. Through data processing and correlation analysis, it perceives the security situation of mobile devices and visually displays it.
  • Equipment obsolescence and recycling
    When equipment is lost or recycled, it can remotely erase business data, cancel equipment, and scrap equipment, ensuring no sensitive data remains.



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