• Email Security System (ESS)
    Email Security System (ESS)
    Email Security System (ESS)
    A comprehensive solution for next-generation email security to address new threats

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  • More than half of email traffic is spam, and spam has a huge impact on productivity.
  • Among them, phishing emails are important means of launching attacks, and email attachments and URLs are the most common way of spreading malware.
  • Enterprises need to protect their entrance from email threats, and effectively protect core business and assets.

Based on the next-generation email security architecture, InforCube Email Security System (ESS) conducts multi-level in-depth analysis of emails through multiple dimensions, combined with advanced threat protection modules and phishing protection modules, which can effectively identify and filter all kinds of spam, ads, viruses, phishing and targeted advanced threats, etc., so as to achieve all-round protection against all kinds of email-related threats.

Functional Module
  • Email Security Gateway (ESG)
    Email Security Gateway (ESG)
    A multifunctional spam gateway that integrates connection control, sender reputation matching, virus detection, content-based spam analysis, sender/recipient anomaly detection, and DLP. Support black technologies such as image content recognition, encrypted attachment cracking, and CDR content reconstruction.
  • Advance Threat Protection (ATP)
    Advance Threat Protection (ATP)
    Advanced threat analysis is a detection module unique to the Inforcube email security defense system that targets unknown threats and advanced targeted threats (such as 0-day, APT, ransomware, etc.) that are difficult to recognize by conventional anti-spam and antivirus engines.
  • Dynamic phishing analysis (PPS)
    Dynamic phishing analysis (PPS)
    The InforCube phishing protection system is a real-time web content analysis engine based on lightweight sandbox technology. Open links in a controllable virtual environment, access and obtain all content elements of the target website's page, and conduct real-time scanning and analysis to comprehensively evaluate the website's phishing score, thus effectively identifying phishing.
  • Efficient threat defense
    All-in-one email security product that integrates reputation matching, content filtering and behavioral analysis.
  • Flexible and cost-effective
    Diversified deployment, customizable product forms, flexible email protection strategies, detailed statistical reports, and unique analysis modules.
  • Cutting-edge technology and innovation
    Keep up with the latest email threat trends and spam detection technology to create industry-leading email threat detection capabilities.



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