• Mobile Security Sandbox (MSS)
    Mobile Security Sandbox (MSS)
    Mobile Security Sandbox (MSS)

Mobile Security Sandbox (MSS)

By using an application virtual security sandbox, the application operating environment is isolated, providing sensitive permission control, personal privacy protection, data leakage protection, data encryption protection, abnormal operating environment and threat attack monitoring, enhancing the security of mobile application business data and runtime, and ensuring mobile business security.The application security sandbox supports two methods: automatic application packaging and SDK development integration, while providing multiple security empowerment SDK such as secure keyboards, data encryption, and security monitoring.

  • Permission control
    Protect personal privacy information security through sensitive privacy permission controls, such as prohibiting phone calls, reading call records, sending text messages, taking photos and videos, accessing multimedia resources, and obtaining geographical locations.
  • Data protection
    Provide data breach protection, such as file transparent encryption and decryption, secure keyboard, screen capture protection, information sharing, copy and paste protection, interface watermark, etc., to ensure the security of business data.
  • Behavior monitoring:
    Provide monitoring of application running environment, attack behavior, and sensitive behavior, such as device jailbreaking, simulator operation, domain hijacking, framework attacks, page screenshots, etc., to help enterprise managers timely understand the running status of applications.
  • Content security
    Content security refers to the management and protection of document content and message notifications, providing a highly confidential and reliable document management space for enterprise users, ensuring mobile content security from aspects such as content creation and publication, fast distribution, and reading protection.



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