• Mobile Business Zero Trust Security Gateway (MSG)
    Mobile Business Zero Trust Security Gateway (MSG)
    Mobile Business Zero Trust Security Gateway (MSG)

Mobile Business Zero Trust Security Gateway (MSG)

Mobile Business Zero Trust Security Gateway, with a defined boundary architecture based on software, using single packet knocking and secure tunnel technology. Through secure and trustworthy access, network security transmission, continuous trust evaluation, and dynamic access control for users, devices, applications, and networks, it ensures that users can safely, efficiently, and stably access business services in any network environment.

  • Secure and Trusted Access:
    Using single packet knocking technology, the system's own network and business applications are hidden, allowing only authorized users of trusted devices and applications to see and access protected business services, converging network exposure attack surfaces, and improving the strength of mobile business access protection.
  • Network security transmission
    For accessing business services through mobile application apps, application level bidirectional authentication security tunnel technology is adopted, as well as fine-grained minimum authorization based on users, devices, applications, micro applications, services, and interfaces, to ensure the security of mobile business communication.
  • Continuous trust assessment
    Based on the ATT&CK threat framework, real-time monitoring of risk IOC and IOA indicators for multi end devices, users, applications, and networks, continuous multi-dimensional and intelligent correlation analysis and trust assessment, and dynamic adjustment of permissions and linkage response disposal.
  • Dynamic access control
    From the dimensions of users, devices, mobile applications, and network communication, continuous threat risk monitoring is carried out to perceive the overall security situation of mobile business, evaluate the credibility in real-time, and achieve an integrated fine-grained dynamic access control system.



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