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Service Forms

Suninfo is dedicated to providing comprehensive services beyond traditional technical support and ensuring that customers receive assistance and support for all technical issues throughout the project's lifecycle.

Suninfo offers a wide range of after-sales technical consulting, support and maintenance services. The service forms are flexible and can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. The specific service offerings are as follows:

7*24 Hotline and Email Support Service

This service provides unlimited phone or email support to customers at any time. It helps security administrators to quickly and effectively resolve issues. This service is suitable for customers with high service level requirements, ensuring that they receive professional support from Suninfo. The company is committed to responding to user requests within 4 hours and providing solutions via phone or email in the shortest possible time. Customers purchase this service will have high priority and support from Suninfo ‘s experienced technical engineers, a comprehensive service tracking database, an efficient upgrade center, and fully-equipped security laboratories to ensure prompt and satisfactory responses to customers' technical requests.

7*24 On-site Service

Customers can choose to purchase on-site maintenance services based on their needs. When security products encounter failures, Suninfo Service Center can dispatch engineers to the customer's location to troubleshoot the issues. When requesting on-site technical support, customers need to provide detailed fault descriptions to assist Suninfo's technical staff in analyzing the root causes. The service center will assign tasks based on the severity of the faults.

Fault Response Time Guideline:

Level 1 Fault: Suninfo will respond within 2 working hours. If the issue cannot be resolved online within 4 working hours, the service center will assign an engineer to arrive at the customer's location on the second working day, ensuring arrival within 24 hours. Level 2 Fault: Suninfo will respond within 4 working hours. If the issue cannot be resolved online within 8 working hours, an engineer will be dispatched to the customer's location within 3 working days. Level 3 Fault: Suninfo Center will respond within 8 working hours. If the issue cannot be resolved online within 24 working hours, an engineer will be dispatched to the customer's location within 5 working days. Level 4 Fault: Suninfo will respond within 8 working hours. If the issue cannot be resolved online within 48 working hours, an engineer will be dispatched to the customer's location within 7 working days.

5*8 On-site Support Service

Customers can choose to purchase on-site maintenance services based on their needs, such as limited network administrator resources. When security products encounter failures, Suninfo can dispatch professional security engineers to the customer's location to troubleshoot the issues. Note: This service is limited to problems caused by improper product configuration, and does not cover vulnerability patching recommended by product reports or network attacks. If such services are required, Suninfo will arrange for professional security consulting service engineers to assist.

The responsible engineer appointed by the Suninfo provides timely and accurate answers to users' questions. When users request on-site services, they must provide the following information: Establish and improve information security strategies and architecture, and construct a blueprint to guide future information security construction. Improve the level of information security assurance and control capabilities, comply with international and domestic information security standards and regulatory requirements, and support and ensure the safe and stable operation of information systems and businesses. Customers can choose to purchase on-site maintenance services based on their actual situation, such as limited security administrator resources. When safety products are found to malfunction, Suninfo can send professional security engineers to the site to troubleshoot the customer. Note: The service content is limited to issues caused by improper configuration of the product itself. When users request on-site technical support, they need to provide detailed fault descriptions to assist Suninfo personnel in analyzing the cause of the fault. After receiving a service request, Suninfo assigns tasks based on the level of the fault.        

On-site Installation Service

Suninfo will perform on-site installation and debugging of purchased security products to ensure their normal operation within the customer's network environment.

On-site Training Service

Customers who have purchased on-site installation services can also choose to purchase this training service. Suninfo will provide on-site training on product functionalities, installation requirements, installation steps, precautions, product upgrades, and routine maintenance. Customers need to provide training facilities (e.g. projectors) and lab environments, while Suninfo will provide trainers, training materials, and high-quality training content.

Regular Inspection Service

Based on customer requirements and contractual obligations, Suninfo will arrange regular inspections by engineers to thoroughly examine system operations, prevent failures, and provide detailed inspection reports for customers.

Service Process

Service Line:400-682-1599    E-maill:support@suninfo.com

       1、Contracted customers can contact Suninfo through the hotline or email. The customer service representative will collect the company's name, person's name, contact phone number, email address, and detailed record of the issue. A case will be opened for this service request, and the priority level will be determined based on the severity of the problem. If necessary, the customer service representative will transfer the case to the appropriate engineer based on the customer's location.

       2、Upon receiving the case, the customer service engineer will respond to the customer with an email to establish contact.

       3、The customer service engineer will provide a satisfactory response to the customer within the specified timeframe. If required, the engineer will visit the customer's site within the designated time to resolve the issue.

       4、If there is no response from an engineer or if the customer is not satisfied with the response within the default timeframe, the system will automatically escalate the priority of the case and send it to the corresponding responsible person for further handling.

       During the normal working hours of 5*8, whenever a customer reports an issue to the company, regardless of no matter which position of staff receives the support call, they must inquire and record the following information, name of the contact person; company name,description of the issue. Within 5 minutes, the staff member must inform the Customer Service Department's customer service representative.Within 5 minutes of receiving the report, the customer service representative contacts the Customer Service Manager, providing details of the customer and the issue. They then notify the Quality Management Department and open a trouble ticket in the CRM system.


       Troubleshooting Process

       For level 1, 2, and 3 issues, the customer service representative must follow the following response mechanism:

       ⑴、First response to the customer: Notify the customer within 10 minutes that the troubleshooting has started and inform them that we will provide an update on the progress within approximately 30 minutes.

       ⑵、Second response to the customer: Notify the customer within 30 minutes of the issue's status and progress.

       ⑶、Subsequent responses to the customer: Inform the customer of the current progress of the troubleshooting based on changes in the troubleshooting status and customer requests (usually every 1 hour). If the issue cannot be resolved on the same day, it must be reported to the supervisor, with a consultation on the content of the mid-term troubleshooting report.

       ⑷、Final response to the customer: When the customer manager believes that the issue has been resolved, request confirmation of the troubleshooting status from the customer and obtain their confirmation.

       Note: If there is involvement of foreign management personnel in the troubleshooting process, the above response times should be followed, and relevant responses should be provided by the company's foreign liaison or sales personnel.

       a.Upon receiving the report, the Customer Service Manager assesses the information to determine the nature of the issue.

       b.If spare parts are required for the troubleshooting, the Customer Service Manager arranges for the release of the spare parts with the Warehouse Administrator.

       c.The Customer Service Manager assigns maintenance engineers to handle the troubleshooting.

       d.If the assigned maintenance engineer is unable to resolve the issue or propose a solution within 30 minutes, the issue is escalated. The Customer Service Manager reports this to the Project Implementation Manager, who then prioritizes the involvement of implementation engineers to assist the maintenance engineer based on the severity level of the issue.

       e.After the resolution of the issue, the maintenance engineer must inform the Service Center Manager within 5 minutes that the troubleshooting is completed.

       f.After verifying the resolution, the Service Center Manager notifies the customer service representative of the outcome within 10 minutes.

       g.Within 10 minutes of receiving the troubleshoot result notification, the customer service representative informs the customer that the issue has been resolved and requests confirmation.

       h.Once the customer confirms the resolution, the customer service representative immediately notifies the Customer Service Manager of the confirmation information, and the trouble ticket must be closed in the CRM system within 30 minutes.

QoS Guarantee

  • Quality Management Department
    The Quality Management Department, as an ad hoc sub department of the Service Management Center, is mainly responsible for accepting customer complaints, tracking the efficiency of work order processing, and collecting service quality reports to ensure the reasonable rights and interests of customers.
  • Regular follow-up mechanism
    The Quality Management Center is equipped with dedicated service quality management specialists who conduct monthly and quarterly service quality follow-up visits through phone calls, emails or visits; timely understand customer satisfaction with the service, analyze problems in the service, assign responsibilities to specific service engineers, supervise service engineers to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Service Center Customer Service System
    In order to facilitate customers' real-time tracking of fault handling progress, Suninfo provides a customer center customer service system. Customers who purchase our company's service products will receive a work order tracking account, which can track the process of processing faulty work orders in real-time through the internet. Among them, the customer service system includes a customer archive library, which records detailed customer related information and records important technical information such as technical problems encountered from installation and implementation to operation and maintenance, as well as customer feedback, common faults and solutions (FAQs).



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