• Mobile Situation Awareness (MSA)
    Mobile Situation Awareness (MSA)
    Mobile Situation Awareness (MSA)

Mobile Situation Awareness (MSA)

Continuous security monitoring is carried out from multiple aspects such as users, devices, applications and behaviors, collecting real-time information on operating environment, threat attacks, sensitive operations, and data access. Through correlation statistical analysis, evaluating security risks, generating abnormal alarms, triggering response protection, and visualizing it in a multidimensional manner, it helps enterprise managers grasp the overall situation of mobile business security.

  • Monitoring and collection
    By automatically embedding monitoring probes into mobile applications, real-time collection of various business security data such as abnormal operating environment, threat attack behavior, sensitive permission behavior, and data access behavior of mobile applications is achieved.
  • Response protection
    Match corresponding response strategies for different threat behaviors, achieve automated disposal of threat behaviors, block their attacks, timely avoid security risks, and reduce enterprise losses.
  • Attack Traceability
    For threat attack behavior, record contextual information such as attack IP, attack type, attack target, and attack time. By restoring the attack process, form an attack behavior portrait and trace the attack source.
  • Situation analysis
    Qualitative and quantitative analysis is used to evaluate the security situation and predict the development trend of mobile business security status and behavior information.
  • Situation presentation
    Based on threat behavior monitoring information, through horizontal comparison and time trend analysis, Mobile security risk value is calculated according to the threat model, which is presented visually in graphical form to make security clear.



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